Bookkeeping basics

Shopify Bookkeeping
Made Simple

A self-paced course to help you master the bookkeeping basics and feel confident in managing your own retail bookkeeping using Quickbooks Online.

What if you could have confidence in your numbers WITHOUT hiring a bookkeeper?

Can you relate?

If so, It's time to learn a little

Bookkeeping 101


Shopify Bookkeeping Made Simple

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Learn about bookkeeping

in the 5 core modules:

Purchase & Setup

Recording all the Money Out

Recording all the Money In



But wait, there's more!

Can you imagine...

Being all ready for taxes with the click of a button? (okay, maybe like 5 clicks…but still!)

Actually KNOWING where your money is going each and every month?

Being in control of your money so you can know what you can afford to PAY yourself for all the hard work that you pour into your business?


It all starts with knowing

how to do bookkeeping

how to do bookkeeping

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Frequently Asked Questions

Great! Then you can skip a lesson 🙂 This course will still help you make sure that your back end is set up correctly, and it will teach you ways to streamline & verify your bookkeeping for 100% accuracy!

Absolutely! The video lessons are designed in a very step-by-step format. After you watch a lesson, it’s designed for you to go and DO that step in your own bookkeeping. That applies whether you do it for just one month, or for the 14 months you’re behind 🙂

Yes! The bookkeeping itself is the same no matter what point of sale system you use. I use Shopify as the example software, and I demonstrate exactly where to go in Shopify to get the numbers we need for your bookkeeping. However, if you use a different Point of Sale system, they should all have similar reports! If you can’t find the necessary numbers, just join a monthly Q&A call and I can help you search for them.

Not at all! This is designed for something with no bookkeeping experience. We start by covering some bookkeeping basics, and then we expand on those to fit the specific needs of your retail business.

I don’t recommend starting with Quickbooks mid-year, because you’re going to be in a similar place when tax season comes around, manually adding your numbers from QBO to your spreadsheet numbers. It can be great practice going through previous months and getting everything YTD caught up in Quickbooks, and it will make tax come SO much easier!

Since this course is entirely self-paced, that’s entirely up to you! There are approximately 42 different videos, ranging anywhere from 30 seconds to about 20 minutes, but it’s designed for you to watch a video, and then implement that step in your own bookkeeping. So, it will really depend on how much bookkeeping you need to do along side the course!

Nope! You will get lifetime access to the course! After 12 months, you will lose access to the private Facebook community with the monthly Q&A calls. But hey, by then, you’ll be a pro, and you probably won’t need them! (However, I may be adding an option to extend the membership so you can ALWAYS have a bookkeeper in your back pocket).

Still on the fence?

Learn more about how you can feel confident in your own bookkeeping abilities by watching my free masterclass!