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Frequently Asked Questions

My pricing is completely customized depending on the volume of transactions, number of bank, credit cards, and payment processor accounts, and whether or not you want additional add-on services such as sales tax filings or receipt management.

My standard packages includes categorization of all transactions, reconciliation of all bank, credit card and payment processor accounts, monthly financial reports, a monthly review meeting where we review those reports together, and an annual report package that you can present to your tax preparer for easy tax prep. The base package begins at $345/month for up to 50 transactions a month and 3 accounts.

Think of it like a nurse & a doctor. A nurse is the one that gathers all the information and all the vitals of the patient. The doctor then uses that information, along with a few questions of their own, to provide a diagnosis or referral. If the information provided by the nurse is inaccurate, the final diagnosis may very well be inaccurate.

A bookkeeper is the one that gathers all the information & details on your business financials and prepares it in a way that an accountant or CPA can use to help advise you on better business or tax strategies.

One of the best things about working with me, is I am actually a bookkeeper with an Accounting degree, and I have been trained in tax preparation. Although I love the bookkeeping side, and that’s what I’m passionate about, I am knowledgeable in the tax & strategy side as well so I can provide insights at a fraction of the cost as your CPA.